Want to Take Better Vacation Photographs?

Now that a lot of our summer travels are in full gear, it’s a good time to sit back and think about the photos we’ll be taking. It may sound silly to think about  it BEFORE you get there, but helpful tips may be just what you need to take the perfect picture!

Andy Biggs wrote a post for the Huffington Post with some great advice! Some of his recommendations include:

* Never leave without your camera so you’re ready for that perfect shot.

* Bring your camera manual – You never know when you’ll need to”undo” a setting.

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Surviving Road Trips With The Kids! Part 1: Be Prepared

We’re approaching the time of the year when road trips take us to all sorts of exciting places! The kids no doubt, are excited about the trip but maybe not time it takes to drive there.  Believe it or not there are some great things we can do to avoid meltdowns and sibling fistfights! The best thing we can do is plan ahead. I know, with our busy schedules it’s hard to do, but taking a few moments can make all the difference!

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