Want to Take Better Vacation Photographs?

Now that a lot of our summer travels are in full gear, it’s a good time to sit back and think about the photos we’ll be taking. It may sound silly to think about  it BEFORE you get there, but helpful tips may be just what you need to take the perfect picture!

Andy Biggs wrote a post for the Huffington Post with some great advice! Some of his recommendations include:

* Never leave without your camera so you’re ready for that perfect shot.

* Bring your camera manual – You never know when you’ll need to”undo” a setting.

* Take your photos during the best light of the day – This is one I tend to forget and all I get is shadows! If you know you’re going to be a certain location, fit it into your itinerary.

* Include People in your pictures – This is probably my favorite piece of advice, most of the people who look through our travel pictures are friends and family and I’m pretty sure they’d rather see everyone standing in front of that building than just the building itself!

* Vary your shooting position –  Pictures can look different from other vantage points.

Want to read more? Visit  Huffington Post.

Do you have picture taking advice you can share with us? We’d love to hear about it!