UPDATE! Review: Three Weeks on the Run With BubbleBum!

Tired of carrying your child’s booster seat with you all over town when you travel? Well, I’ve got great news! I was lucky to test the BubbleBum portable booster seat!  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical since it’s an inflatable booster seat. I’m glad to tell you that it is very well made and extremely sturdy. I was able to take it with me everywhere.  I dropped it in my backpack and just kept going. It was very easy to inflate and set up…so easy, it took less than a few minutes. The positioning clips allowed for a proper fit of the seat belt. When deflated, it folded up into a small drawstring bag that fit in my suitcase perfectly.

I know what you’re thinking, is it safe? Yes, it’s very safe. According to their website,  BubbleBum was tested to meet the FMVSS213 US car safety standards.

UPDATE 10/13/11: BubbleBum was Named “BEST BET” and “NOTABLE NEWCOMER” by the insurance Institute of Highway Safety Booster Report! Here is the link to the full report:  IIHS Booster Report

I can’t imagine traveling without this booster seat now! But don’t just take my word for it… After a 3 week whirlwind road trip, Alice, our six-year-old resident GKT reviewer had a lot to say about the BubbleBum portable booster seat:

GKT Mia: Alice, did you feel comfortable sitting in the BubbleBum booster seat for three weeks?

Alice: Yes, it felt very cushiony and I could see everything out the window. I was worried I was too short.

GKT Mia: Did you like the placement of your seatbelt?

Alice: I did!  I felt big like Mom and Dad. My neck didn’t get scratched either!

GKT Mia: Did you like how it looked?

Alice: Yes,  I liked the purple, but my first choice would have been pink 😉

GKT Mia: What are your final thoughts on the BubbleBum?

Alice: I felt safe in the BubbleBum. It’s really cool looking. Can I replace my booster with it?

A side story, it’s the perfect back up booster seat as well. I locked my keys in my car this past weekend. My daughter had dance practice and it looked like we weren’t going to make it in time. We always use my car for family outings so, my husband has no booster seat in his car. I remembered I had the BubbleBum! I was able to set it very quickly. My husband took her to dance practice on time, legally and most important, safely.

Bottom line, I would recommend Bubblebum for parents who travel with children ages 4 and up. It makes a great back up booster, so you’ll know your child will always be safe.

For more information and to purchase visit: http://www.bubblebum.us/


The Bubble Bum booster seat was provided by BubbleBum USA LLC. GoKidsTravel.com was not compensated to offer an opinion on this product.