Review: Our New Love, Piggy Paint Nail Polish!

My cousin invited us to her wedding and my 3 and 6 year old daughters were really excited about yet another road trip. I got around to packing when my eldest daughter told me that she wanted to paint her nails to match her dress for the wedding. I never really painted my girls nails very much as they seemed a little on the young-side, but when I did, I always tried lighter colors. A few months ago I stopped painting their nails all together when I read that some nail polishes contain formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals. I really wanted to paint my daughter’s nails, but was a little worried.   I decided to go online and find a safer alternative.  It didn’t take me very long to find Piggy Paint! The colors seemed very age-appropriate so, I figured I should give it a try.  Not knowing what to expect, I bought two nail polishes, just to try them out.

The colors purchased were “Clouds of Candy” (light metallic blue) and “Forever Fancy” (Pink). The gift set I ordered came in a reusable mesh bag that fit other nail essentials. I also purchased the Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover. It worked very well and had just the very lightest scent! The shades were gorgeous and my daughters loved that it had a very light scent. The best part is that the mesh bag fits right inside my on-the-go makeup/toiletry bag! My fashionistas looked incredible at the wedding from head to toe!

As you all already know…Alice, our six-year-old resident GKT reviewer loves to share her thoughts:

GKT Mia: Alice, what did you love most about Piggy Paint?

Alice: I loved the colors! Forever Fancy is my favorite.

GKT Mia: How does it smell?

Alice: I think it smells like chocolate!

GKT Mia: Not sure if I pick up the chocolate scent, but it is very mild.

Alice:  I’m not sure what else it could be, but it smells better than your polish.

GKT Mia: Agreed! 🙂

GKT Mia: What are your overall thoughts on Piggy Paint?

Alice: I like that the nail polish is not smelly. The colors are really bright!  I want other colors to match my outfits!

GKT Mia: I think Santa can arrange that! 😉

As you can imagine, my girls are very hard on their little nails, so the polish lasts about 2-3 days. Regular nail polish would last about the same amount of time….Maybe I’d get an extra day.  We use Piggy Paint quite often now. My understanding is that the topcoat may help stop the polish from chipping. That will be included in my next purchase.

I would recommend Piggy Paint to anyone who is looking for a non-toxic, eco-friendly nail polish for their child. The mesh bag (for gift sets) makes it very easy to travel with!

I have to tell you as a mom, it’s so great to be able to paint the girls nails and not have to think about harsh chemicals!

To purchase and get more information please visit: Piggy Paint