Surviving Road Trips With The Kids! Part 1: Be Prepared

We’re approaching the time of the year when road trips take us to all sorts of exciting places! The kids no doubt, are excited about the trip but maybe not time it takes to drive there.  Believe it or not there are some great things we can do to avoid meltdowns and sibling fistfights! The best thing we can do is plan ahead. I know, with our busy schedules it’s hard to do, but taking a few moments can make all the difference!

Below is a list of helpful tips from seasoned travel parents on preparing for the road trip:

  • Allow children to bring a small bag or backpack with the items they can’t live without.
  • Bring an emergency bag to travel with you, not in the trunk with:
    – A change of clothes. Between young children having “accidents” and older kids with soda and food mishaps, it helps to not waste time trying to find clothes.
    – Medicine or inhalers etc.
    – Hand sanitizer and Antibacterial Wipes come in handy especially when it comes to questionable bathrooms.
    – A secret stash of activity books, coloring books, crayons etc., for when the kids get tired of the contents in their bag.
  • Allow children to wear comfortable clothes. Pajamas are just fine; they can always change later on in the drive!
  • Leave anywhere between 11pm and 4am. It may not be the best time, but the kids will be asleep for a very long part of the drive and you won’t need to stop as frequently.  Just the silence alone may be enough to persuade you to leave between those times.
  • Let the kids bring a pillow or blanket. Sometimes the comforts of home will make them feel more at ease.
  • Bring portable DVD players with DVD’s, iPads, handhelds and ereaders  (This usually works best for the older children).
  • For the younger kids, play games like “I Spy” and rhyming games
  • My favorite tip is: Talk to your children! Engage in fun, lighthearted conversation. It’s a family trip, so reconnect with the ones you love!

Do you have any great road trip tips to add? We’re happy to hear from you!

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