A Taste of Soda Bliss at the Coca-Cola Museum

Perhaps one of the most iconic brands in the US is Coca-Cola! We were not sure what to expect from our trip to the museum. We figured it would be a great opportunity to view this icon of American pop-culture, through vintage advertisements and exhibits. Our group was also expecting to see how other cultures around the world have embrace Coca-Cola as well. Whoa! We were pretty shocked to find that the 60,000 square foot building also featured much more!

There was an exciting 4D movie (We received 3D glasses and the seats moved to give us a multi-sensory experience) that may or may not show you the secret formula…No, I’m not going to tell you the end! The younger children were a little afraid at first, but after a few minutes they really got into it like the rest of us. In the Bottle Works area, we were able to see a behind the scenes experience on how a real bottling line works. I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a little boring, but it was very interesting. The world of Coca-Cola also has a cute mascot, a 7 foot Coca Cola polar bear. The kids loved to hug and pose for pictures with him. World of Coca-Cola tasting experience (Taste it!) allowed us to sample over 60 different sodas from all over the world. My favorite was an apple flavor from China. The adventurous side of me even tried Beverly from Italy..Whoa! It’s not for everyone, so beware! “Taste It!” was my favorite part of the museum and the children’s as well!

I would highly recommend the Coca Cola museum to families with children of all ages. There’s something for everyone and it is reasonably priced as well

Tips for the Coca-Cola Museum:

* It takes about an hour and half to two hours to go through the entire museum, so it won’t take up your entire day.

* Weekdays are best to have a richer experience since weekends at all times are very congested.

* Don’t miss the 4D mini movie. The children will love it!

* In the “Taste It!” Experience try Italy’s soda, Beverly, just to at least say you did. 😉

* There is a bit a walking involved, so bring your strollers. During peak attendance periods, there may be restricted stroller use in certain areas. Please check with an employee for designated stroller parking.

* There are changing tables in all restrooms as well as designated family restrooms.

* Bring your camera! You are allowed to take pictures unless stated in Certain exhibits. Are you like me and are never in pictures because you’re the photographer of the family? There is a great service with a professional photographer on-site, who will take pictures of you and your family. You will be issued a photo card so that you pick up the pictures at the imaging gallery after you’ve enjoyed your time at the museum. Think about it..No more getting your feet and head cut off in the picture by someone who doesn’t know how to operate your camera!!

Coca-Cola museum
Location: Atlanta
Address: 121 Baker Street NW Atlanta, GA 30313 – 1807